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HDMI output to dishnetwork coax system?

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Hello folks, new here as may be evidenced from the next question. I just got a Wisenet 4 camera hardwired camera system. My question: can I run the hdmi output from the “control box” as an input to my unused dishnetwork coax system so that every tv in the house can be used as a monitor? 

If so, could I use additionally use one of those “do daddy’s” that kids use to record video games to a thumb drive that would be located in my gun safe?

Sorry for the ignorance, I suspect I can’t find the answer on google because I don’t know how to ask the question with the proper terms. 

thanks all

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Newbie here also and starting to design an extensive system for the house, so I came to this forum to review options and similar setups I'm looking to try and implement.

I was planning on either doing HDMI out from the box to either a Coax distribution throughout the house to all TVs or possibly HDMI over wifi to 1 or 2 main TVs.

I'm a career Network Admin for 20+ years and I understand most network technology, but haven't dabbled much in TV signaling, but my question would be, why couldn't you use a HDMI to Coax modulator or HDMI to DVB-T modulator for this distribution? 

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