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POE camera question.

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Hello all, I can't find the answer to my question anywhere so I figured I'd ask a forum. My work uses the Panasonic Arbitrator camera system and software. These systems are built for cars but we need a system that will work on a motorcycle. The only issue we are having is the actual camera. We have room for the main unit but Panasonic doesn't make a camera that is compact and work for what we need. The current Panasonic Arbitrator system we have on our bikes is a 10 year old analog system (not made anymore) that we just used a generic analog bullet camera. The new Panasonic HD system uses a camera with what appears to be a POE type connection. Of course the Panasonic rep says you can only use the Panasonic camera with it and the only compact cameras they offer are fish eye 360 cameras (WV-VC31 and WV-VC32).

Here is the link to Panasonic's website about Arbitrator: https://info.panasonic.com/arbitrator-arb360hd.html

I was hoping we could just do like last time and buy a compact POE camera that we can fit on the bike and use it with the new Panasonic main unit.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!



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