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Expert advice appreciated for choosing a 2 camera CCTV system

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I've been trying to figure out the things I would need and what brands to choose with little success. I have never had a CCTV system before but need to install one now in my catering trailer. The kiosk is essentially a small 3m by 2m box and the purpose of the camera would be to monitor customers standing at our serving hatch and the staff serving them. In other words, the subjects will be very close to the camera (0m - 3m). The subjects will almost always be standing in an illuminated space so the need for night recording would be a nice extra. The system should allow real time monitoring but should also record everything locally. Being that the trailer is a mobile unit that is only connected to power during hours of operation 9am - 6pm, the system should not need reconfiguring each day when reinstating power and should not lose data when disconnecting power at the end of each day. Id like the cameras to pick up sound and to have to be able to send alerts (say when my staff first arrive)

I would be immensely grateful if someone could assist with expertise as the retailers never quite feel like they're suggesting me to buy the right product.

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