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Retrofit lens to cctv camera to reduce the FOV?

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I have a CCTV surveillance system of 12 cameras. The cameras that look at wide driveways and flat yards and fields work great at night.

However 2 cameras look down paths (used by coyotes) with high bushes along each side. Regardless of where I place these cameras, the IR light is always too bright on the bushes which swamps out the view along the path.  It seems that if I had a camera with a narrow field-of-view then the bushes wouldn't be in the picture and I could see the path. Is it possible to just add a simple (cheap) lens to narrow the FOV? If so, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Or Is there any material I could use to mask off the IR beam along the edges without lighting up? I was thinking of putting tape along the sides of the camera to block IR light to the bushes but I think the tape would light up even more than the bushes. Unless maybe there is a material that refracts IR wavelengths out of the FOV without reflecting it back into the FOV of the camera.

My system uses Q-See cameras and DVR.


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Hi. Once a lens has been remover and replaced most of the time it gives problems.

white out and been discussed lots of times. We had a post about 4 years ago and the solution I used to use might help you.  

If you get a black marker pen and start to mark 1 led at a time ..... don’t mark it till full black just give the leds one swip of the marker pen ..... it does take time but you will start to see a big difference 

if still a bit bright just give the same leds another swip of the black marker.

i would start with outer led ring ...left side.

some will say just use electrical tape but that blocks the led working ..... black marker just reduces the intensity 

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