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VTO2000 V4 firmware and VTH1550CH V3.12

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Hi there, Today I received the following firmwares from Dahua support France, mentioning there would soon be a SIP version release as well ... :

- General_Multi3_VTH1510_EngItlFreGerDutSpaPor_P_V3.200.0000.0.R.20170826.bin

- General_Multi3_VTO2000A_EngItlFreGetDutSpaPor_P_16M_V3.200.0000.0.R.20170912.bin

And the same day those latest versions from my Belgian vendor :

- VTH151X_EngItlFrnGerDutSpnPrt_V4.000.100B000.0.T.20180906 et

- VTOXXX_EngItlFrnGerDutSpnPrt_P_16M_V3.120.001P000.0.T.20181025 

See the difference, 
V3.2 for the VTH15xx on one side, V4 on the other side and 
V3.2 for the VTO2000 on one side, V3.12 on the other side ...

They both support English (and French for me), both are official, but I wonder why they are not providing the same release, and the difference there is with version 3.2 I actually have ...

Someone has tested ?
Many thanks !

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