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VTH1510 Extension set issue with FW V4.3

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Hi all ,

First of all short introduction about my self and used devices.:
I am from Germany,28 years old and i use a VTO2000a and 2x VTH1510ch since 1 year.
I bought all devices via Ali. Since i receive the devices i upgrade mor or less 3 times all FW's.
Now i am using English SIP FW with all the devices.
VTO2000a is running with SIP FW V4.0 with Web service 2.0
Both VTH1510 are running with SIP FWV4.3.

I do not use SIP at the moment i only use the VTH's as a monitors and the DMSS app on mobile phones.

Now the issue which i have is to get the second VTH as Extension to connect with the Master VTH (RoomNo.9901).
With FW <V3.2 i had no problems to set Master VTH with RoomNo. 9901 and Extension VTH with 9901-1.
But now with FW V4.3 i am not able to set a RoomNo. for Extension VTH. I already tried 9901-1,9902,9...
If i would like to use the second VTH as an Extension to the Master every RoomNo. which i would like to use get ,,Room No. Format Error''

The question is now did any one of you observed also this issue or is using two VTH's with FW higher than V4.0? And is also someone using two VTH'S FW >V4.0 together with VTO2000a FW V4.0 and Web service 2.0?

Many thanks


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