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Hello everyone! I need your help?

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I’ve just opened a store in my area, and I’ve also opened an online store for the US market to help people properly defend them selfs from home invasions and break ins. The only problem is that I don’t live in the States I’m from the United Kingdom. I sell ballistics vests, Cameras, Motion detectors e.c.t. And I was wondering if there was perhaps anything I could add to my store or any useful products that would help in such a dire situation?

Many thanks -Jay

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I assume you can not send weaponry through the mail system, but what sells big here in the states are paracord , hidden object products ( Fake cans , books).

If you find a loophole and can send non lethal weapons mace, brass knuckles ( Very popular among elderly veterans).

Have to admit I do not know if your shop is high tech or not many of these items are normally found in pawn shops.





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