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Detailed CCTV System Design Example

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Hello everyone! :classic_biggrin:

I need to design a CCTV system consisting of several IP and analogue cameras. However, I cannot find any example of Detailed System Design document. 

I tried to google it, but I couldn't find any kind of example document. I need any kind of System Design document, (for analogue cameras, or IP) I just need an example as a guide. 

Can anyone help me?

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The thing I need is a document that is written by the guidelines of international standards. For example, such standards can be IEEE, IEC, British Standard ...
As far as I understood, these documents should have the following structure:

1. Project Task
It is written by the investor, and it has the main requirements that should be satisfied.
For example, a project task can be to design a CCTV system to cover the front and rear entrance of a shop, and also to cover the entrance to the store's warehouse.

2. List of all laws and standards under which the Design Project was compiled

3. Technical description of the solution to the assigned project task

4. General and detailed terms for the installation of CCTV cable installations and equipment
For example:
All CCTV cable installations should be at least certified CAT5 cables, with tested bandwidth up to 300MHz ...

5. Calculation Part
Which should consist of items such as bill of quantities, focal length calculation, HDD capacity calculation ...

6. Technical Graphical Documentation
Which should consist of several technical drawings such as floor plan with all camera positions on it, area of interest covered by cameras,
and technical drawing representing all connections and cables between cameras, DVRs and other network equipment.

Tutorials, and short general tips on CCTV systems can be easily found on the Internet, but those are not things you can write in CCTV design document
and present to the customer. You need a more detailed and precise document that can be presented as a real-world CCTV Detailed Design document.
I hope I haven't become smarty pants because of this very long answer.:classic_biggrin:

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