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  1. larry

    question about sending product web link

    Thanks for understanding
  2. larry

    question about sending product web link

    Sorry, you can not put links back to your own products
  3. What type of help are you looking for? I am a developer but, to be honest, don't like working on my "off" time.
  4. I don't know offhand which one it is but I believe Swann is either manufactured by Hikvision or Dahua. I've not heard of Prolux. You should go over to your neighbors house and check his system out and come to your own conclusion concerning it's quality.
  5. How much is that board and the necessary extra parts verses buying a new NVR?
  6. You already knew about this software, you've posted about it here before - so the statement above is evidence of your true objective. Do not post about that software here again.
  7. The OP asked me to clean up this thread - actually wanted it deleted. So please don't create arguments here fenderman.
  8. larry

    blocking a neighbors camera

    Legal?, a fence or a barrier
  9. larry

    Newbie East Anglia

    Welcome aboard!
  10. larry

    Where's a good place to get 100' Cat5e cable?

    Amazon, Monoprice, Home depot all good places
  11. larry

    Cat and Cat5e?

    Use Cat5e. Is Cat5 even available anymore?
  12. larry

    Hello from the south of France

    Welcome to the community
  13. I would bet the Digital Watchdog is either a rebranded Hikvision or Dahua. Avigilon positions themselves as a step up from both of those companies. From what I've read, Avigilons VMS software is much better but the equipment may not be worth the mark up. You'd have to compare for yourself.
  14. larry

    New to the car community!

    You do realize this is not a car forum, don't you?