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Search for IP PTZ with long lens

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Hi everyone, has anyone come across an outdoor PTZ with a longer lens than the 7.5 to 270mm we are using now?

Our budget is up to approximately double the price of the Hik DS-2DF8836IX-AEL(W) that we are using now. Here in Australia that is a budget of $AUS 10,000. We'd like to keep to the same high specs for resolution and low light performance, and have awesome IR or laser. It would be pole mounted at 35m on a farm and we would like to get full benefit from the elevation.

The existing NVR is the HIK DS-9632NI-I8 which works with ONVIF or PSIA protocols.

Thank you.


DS-2DF8836IX-AEL(W) pg1.JPG

DS-2DF8836IX-AEL(W) pg2.JPG

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