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Hi Guys. I'm really appreciate some help with this.

I have a HikVision DS-7200 Turbo HD DVR and 4 HDI cameras. It all works great. I can manage it all using the Windows software over the local network, and watch the cameras over my WiFi with the Android app on my phone. So far, so good.

I have changed my router for a Netgear D7000 ( ISP Plusnet) 

Remote access is the problem. I have do not have a static IP address on my broadband connection, and I've set port forwarding on the router for the usual ports - 8200, 11501, 1554 and 8000. But I can't connect to the DVR to watch the cameras live over the web. I've checked that those ports are all open using the usual tools, but using either the Windows or Android apps I get a connection error.

But here's the strange thing. I CAN open the Remote Playback using the phone, and watch any of the recordings over the web. Using that I can see any of the cameras just a few seconds delayed. So the ports are all connected. But I can't see the cameras live.

I've gone through all the DVR settings many times, but can't find anything to change this. I've turned the router firewall off.



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Open ports 8000, 554, and 80 in your port forwarding.

make sure to reserve the dvr IP address if needed.

OR, put the dvr in the DMZ (DeMilitarisedZone) in your router.

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Hi ya. Looking though the forum about port forwarding.... 

I have a Incosky dvr unit 8ch, but only use 4ch.  Viewing on the internal network is OK.     I have a few question which mb63 may be able to help??     Is there specific port numbers for every dvr?  Is there a generic port numbers for all dvrs?     

The router connected to the dvr is a EE Bright box 2.   Incosky seem not to respond to any communications. 

Any help would be grateful. 

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