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Carl Neilson

DM KBC2 Keyboard linked to a Video Switcher CX02 & 2x DM DS2 Recorders has stopped selecting DS1 Display through the Main Monitor.

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I have a Dedicated Micros CCTV System installed. 

The system incorporates 2x 16 Way DM DS2 Digital Sprite’s with a DM Video Switcher & a common KBS2 Keyboard.

The system suddenly stopped me being able to “Unit Sekect DS1” onto the Main Monitor display.

i have DS2 displayed on the Main Monitor at the moment with complete system functionality as normal.

i can still select DS1 and have full functionality but only on DS1 spot Monitor.

Does anyone know what might be the problem here?

i very much look forward to your reply.




44 7900088842



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Hi Carl I see your uk based and a company 

is this your system or a customers ?

why mess around with a old DM that is not upto regulations.

but first thing to look at is the switch .... Check the power .... Some are powered separate some from DVR and as you know the DM power supply is multi voltage .

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