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Dahua VTO2000A-C IP Outdoor Station question

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People, first of all I'd like to say hello to all of you, this is my first post on this forum, and I hope there will be many more.
My question might be too basic, but I've never dealt with IP Outdoor Stations before.
My client needs to replace an existant Aiphone door phone, it is a small condo consistant in 4 houses with a common gate for all of them. Currently all the 4 houses have 3 indoor door phones, each one in each floor, so there is 1 outdoor station with 4 buttons, and 12 indoor stations (Audio only).

My plan is to offer to them 1 VTO2000A-C + 1 VTO2000A-B (3 buttons) + 1 VTO2000A-R Card Reader, along with 1 indoor monitor VTH1560B for each house; with the option of adding more for other floors as slaves.

So here are my questions;

Can I use something this picture, so the button for the house A is the one includded in the VTO2000A-C and for the other 3 houses use the other 3 buttons in the VTO2000A-B?


Can I configure it so the push notification is only received by the owner's phone of the corresponding house depending on the button pushed?

Thank you so much!!



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