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Residential Camera purchase information

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My plan is to install about 4 camera outside my home.  I would like to route all ethernet cables from the attic to the basement where I would maintain the hard drive unit.  The camera would only have to be motion activated.  Being that this is all new to me, I have been looking at Costco for their systems.  I would not require internet viewing features and basically would just have a separate computer monitor to keep an eye on things or to review any events.  This system is basically  to have a video log of someone trespassing or their dog doing damage to my property.  This would allow me to have evidence to show the officer.  A camera that seems to work for me would be this one.  Lorex 8MP 4K IP Audio Turret / Dome Camera LNE8950A,   Because I am clueless, I guess all I need is the wire and a recorder?  Like I said I need some help with this so that my system would be more what I need then what the Costco systems offer.  Thanks for your help.

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