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Using cameras as a security system

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I come from a security system background as I installed them commercially for many years.  I get them.  You install door contacts, window contacts, motion detectors, glassbreak sensors, keypads, sirens, etc... When you leave the building, you arm it, when you get back, you disarm it.  If you get a break in while you're gone, the alarm triggers and calls whoever is monitoring it, and they call the police.

I now see that a box with a set of cameras, DVR/NVR, cables, etc... is being called a "security system."  No door contacts, window contacts etc...  I guess I get it, because now with being able to hook the DVR/NVR to the internet, when a camera sees motion, the system will basically call your phone, show you the activity, and you can decide to call the police or not.  My old camera system wasn't able to hook up the internet so I'm not use to that, but I can see why its called a "security system" now.  You can completely get rid of the monitoring center.  Great idea and great technology.

My old DVR took a dump on me and I don't have my new camera system yet.  I've picked out what I want, (Lorex 4K NVR-LNR6100 and 6 LNB8005's) but I'm going out of town for a few days and it should be here when I get back, but I have a question about my new "security system" coming in a few days...

How do I arm it?

I have people coming and going all day long here.  My wife works from home, I'm home all day long, we have people coming over all the time, my kids come and go.  If I set the NVR to notify me every time it sees motion, I'll get notifications on my phone all day long.  Is there a way to push a button to tell the system "Hey, we're going out for dinner and a movie, nobody should be coming in for the next 4 hours, notify me if someone does." And then turn that off when we get home?  Maybe that's done through the app?

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Hi cctv systems are a much better security device than a alarm system 


alarm system is only active when set and most businesses switch them off 9 to 5  and when in use it only alerts you.... cctv collects information 24/7 and records all information 

most cctv also has option with it having alarm inputs or camera set as alarm device ....... most system have a schedule time set for each camera or pie attached to go into alarm detection mode ..... also a lot of units allow you to set alarm once area is closed just by going into app and setting alarm on 



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