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Big storage

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I just thought this would have some interesting purpose for storing video.



I just installed two iSCSI SAN at work and wanted to share.



http://www.coraid.com like iSCSI but non routable. (it could be routed but has no native support)



Poormans SAN, routable block access. Very nice, all the options of a true fiber SAN with none of the cost. All you need is a gigabit switch, nic, and storage target.


This is what I installed (two)



I like that it is emc and under 5 million dollars but the spec is not that great. It is running Microsoft storage server, Celeron proc, and 512 ram. EMC must do some major tweaking because it is very fast.


Next time I will role my own on Linux. Strange thing about my install the EMC is the only Microsoft product in the entire rack.


It would be nice to start seeing embedded DVR with a iSCSI initiator. I plan on hooking my Geovision up to the iSCSI SAN to test it out and will post the results.

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Yes joe4 pls do so, or even email me @ esa(at)ozconnect.net


Id love to see the results.....Looking at similar here with our soiftware engineers,



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I do not think the iSCSI is going to be fast enough for the Geovision so I plan on using the local hard drive as a buffer for the iSCSI. If all goes well it should fill the Geo drive then at night do a dump to the iSCSI, this way I have unlimited long term storage and only the current day on the local.


Similar to a D2D2T backup (disk to disk to tape) you could even take it to tape after the iSCSI and keep years of video.


If anyone would be interested I could develop this further, not sure if anyone is doing it yet.

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