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Camera placement - Residential project

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Dear Forum

Firstly, kindly excuse any naïve questions or such, I am new to this forum and setting up security systems. As a background I am currently renovating a residential home and would like to install a CCTV system. At present, walls are largely open on the inside of the building, giving good access for cabling and such. This is why I would at this stage like to plan and install the needed cabling, so that at the very least, the pre-wiring for the installation of cameras and outside lighting is in place prior to completion of the refurbishment. 

The property is surrounded by a fence, but it is low and could be climbed (about 1m tall). However, except for the street side, any access to the property would have to cross a neighbouring property. 

In this regards I have a couple of questions which a more experienced designer might be able to answer easily:

  • How would you in principle install the cameras? On the corners of the building or otherwise? Fixed view cameras or rather a combination with PTZ cameras? 
  • Once the camera locations have been established, does a single CAT6 cable to each location suffice? (assuming one uses POE hardware)
  • Do the cables each need a “home run”, or can one also use switches / other hardware to reduce the number of wires coming back to the DVR? (assuming that POE switches / hardware is used)
  • Any advice as to what cameras / system to choose is of course also welcome. 

I would be very grateful for any advice regarding the specific project in mind. I attach a couple of drawings which show the situation of the house, alongside drawings of the facades, which should help establish where to put the cameras / lights. There is a fair bit of street light at the front of the house, but the garden is rather dark. 

I look forward to hearing your views on the above. 

Kind regards,


Facade 1.JPG

Facade 2.JPG

Facade 3.JPG

Facade 4.JPG

Picture from above (Drone) v2.jpg

Property dimensions.JPG

Property layout - Doors, dimensions, facade numbers - v2.jpg

Property layout.JPG

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