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LTS coax DVR talking to VISCA protocol camera

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I just upgraded the ancient DVR in my coax based system and installed the LTS DVR LTD8516K-ST (coax type) so I beginning installing HD-TVI based cameras without having to re-pull all coax wiring.  So far the DVR seems to work well with the LTS cameras and I can get the DVR to talk to the LTS Cameras using the Coaxitron(Default) PTZ protocol and bring up the camera configuration menus remotely.  However, the DVR doesn't seem to speak to my SPECO HLPR67T LPR cameras so I can call up the Menus vs. climbing a tall ladder to manually tweak settings at the camera.

The SPECO TS guys tells me that their DVR is set to speak the PELCO-C protocol to the HLPR67T which is set for the VISCA protocol at 9600 baud.  The LTS LTD8516K-ST DVR doesn't seem to have either the VISCA protocol or the PELCO-C protocols listed as a PTZ protocol.  The DVR has lots of protocols available (many of which are variations of the PELCO-D and PELCO-P protocol), but it seems the SPECO camera won't do those PELCO-D/P protocols. 

Given that the SPECO TS guy doesn't know why the HLPR67T won't work with the PELCO-D or PELCO-C protocols nor can he explain any details about the compatibility between the PELCO-C and VISCA protocols (which is the combo he has to use), I have no idea what would work here.

I'm waiting to hear back from LTS TS to see what they have to say -- maybe a new version of code for the DVR firmware that has PELCO-C or VISCA --  or some guidance as to what protocol in their long list to pick and configure to get it to work with the SPECO camera when it is set in VISCA mode.

Has anyone run into this and have any suggestions?

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