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Lorex Camera URL's

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I may have made a mistake.  I found some Lorex cameras that worked great, and were relatively inexpensive for 4K cameras with optical zoom and variable focus.  They are LNE8974AB and LNE8950AB (the latter fixed focal length). 

Except... I want to script some changes to settings.  I had Hikvision before, and the full set of calling sequences is documented.  Lorex does not.  Support says they will not.

I have found a few, the RTSP feed is documented, and I can get a still image (mostly -- some quirks with the LNE8950AB). 

What I want is to be able to switch settings, profiles or just things like WDR, from scripts.

I understand these are repackaged Dahua cameras, but so far no joy in using what I found there.  I have tried lots of things at random.  I ran a fiddler session looking at the exchange with the web interface and suspect with a LOT of work I could use its techniques -- but those are very messy RPC exchanges of very long XML.

For that matter I do not KNOW that simple URL based exchanges will work with these.  In the LNE8974AB there are check box options for cgi, genetec and onvif.  Genetec and onvif I recognize (though am weak on whether their protocols may help me), cgi seems like a generic reference to a http://ip/cgi/ style service, and indeed http://ip/cgi-bin/;snapshot.cgi does work for a still.  Others return "bad request" hinting there are other options there.

Anyone have any info? 

Thanks in advance,



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