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Dahua DH-SD6C84E-GN PTZ Firmware

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Hello, I have a big problem with my Dahua DH-SD6C84E-GN. Need the right PTZ version. Got the wrong ptz update file.The version that is on the camera does not work properly.

When I control the camera to the right it goes to the left. Have talked to the Chinese company I bought the camera off.

They just sent me the new firmware of the camera, not the ptz firmware that I need. They can't supply it to me.

Hope someone can help me with this.

Here's the serial number off my camera : 3K028D7PAN00226


Device Type DH-SD6C84E-GN

System 2.623.0000000.1.R Build Date: 180627

PTZ Version 2.300.0000000.4.RHNS_170814_23631. Think this is wrong version

Need this one

PTZ Version 2.300.0000000.4.RHNW_170814_23631  


Best Regards


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