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Any NVRs that allow HDMI view change from command?

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Are there any NVRs out there that allow the string based ( IP, Serial, Alarm In) input to change the HDMI's view?

Lets say that I have 32 channel NVR.

I'm watching all 32 channels on my TV (distributed HDMI feed to all house TVs).

Now, let's say that the UPS guy rings the gate intercom. My automation software opens the gate, turns on the lights (if dark), starts playing music in the driveway and foyer. 
I would like to be able to trigger a command that would change the HDMI's display from the 32 channels (or whatever it's on) to a 4 camera view, AND display cameras, 1,9,20&32 in that order.
After a minute, automation software would send another command to return to the 32 channel view.

Also, let's say that we're having a party. I would like to invoke a 9 channel view with cameras 7,1,4,16,22,x,x,x,x.

The point is NOT to just arrange the cameras in a specific order and then change from 1,4,9,16,20,25,32 views and possibly having to flip to 2nd or 3rd page (sequence).

I need to be able to specify the # of cameras AND the order of them.


I could have sworn that I saw something like that where the string looked something like this:,16,6,2,8,3,4,x,y,z,etc. where the IP was first, then the number of channels to be viewed (16 in this example) followed by specific cameras in order from the top left.

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Geovision has a ( popup camera function) that changes the default view  when motion is detected on a camera.  We had this setting at a city hall where all cameras were viewed but when a certain camera detected motion a full screen view of that camera was on the screen for a certain amount of time. I am not sure but I think you can have multiple cameras come up at once.

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