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Camera dropping issue

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A year ago I had 6 LTS (LT security) cameras and an NVR installed. My front gate camera is a good 100 feet from the NVR. A few weeks ago I noticed my feed dropped for the camera and it just showed as not connected.  My installer is no longer in business so I have no recourse there.

-Connecting and disconnecting the Cat from the NVR doesn't help

-Rebooting the NVR doesn't help.

I went in my attic  and noticed he had to use a Cat5e coupler because the Cat cable didn't reach by 10ft or so. I disconnected and connected the coupler and it recognized the camera a few minutes later. Then a week later the feed dropped again! I know couplers can go bad, so I replaced the coupler and also the patch cable with a different cat5e cable because the patch cable looked a bit worn.  The first replacement coupler actually didn't work at all (what bad luck!), but a second one did. Then 2 days later and the camera is not showing up again! 

I'm handy and good with DIY but have no expertise in CCTV. The attic is a huge pain to get to, so I prefer not having to go back and forth (12ft ceilings means getting a big heavy ladder in a tiny closet, and the attic is like a jungle gym with all the whole house LAN/coax network being ran across everywhere) . So I want to have a plan solid before going back up there.


Advice on what to do next?

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