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External motion sensing for IP cameras?

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Is there such a thing as external motion tracking software for IP cameras?

IP video is different from traditional analog video servers, in that the recorder is not involved with motion sensing and instead it is all handled directly by the IP camera.

I have a bunch of 12MP fisheye cameras, and I have discovered that when these are used to cover a very large area, the camera's built-in motion detection is basically useless because the motion cells are smaller than the built-in detection grid of the camera, and so it almost never detects anything. I have to run these cameras on a continuous 24x7 schedule which eats disk storage space. 

Is there such a thing as external motion tracking software? This would essentially be a server-based software that watches a livestream of the camera, does its own motion sensing, and sends out an alarm signal that the recording server uses to activate recording for that camera.

An external server-based motion tracker could have a much finer motion detection grid and have far more image processing power than an IP camera, which is limited in CPU power both by POE power draw limits and thermal dissipation of the fanless camera enclosure.

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Hi. What make and model are your options cameras

some fisheye manufactures also do a nvr to support there cameras ..... that way you would be able to do what you need

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These are Tyco Illustra 12MP fisheye cameras, used with a Tyco Exacq capture server. 


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