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proximity cards no working on RBH IRC-2000

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I've got Integra32 software working with  three IRC-2000  panels in one site (address 1,2 and 3) this panels unlock doors using proximity card readers, I pull out a working IRC-2000 panel from another site and I'm trying to add this panel as address 4 in my Integra32 software. I did all the conection and add panel IRC-2000 as adress 4, My problem is that when I try to unlock a door using the proximity card readers connected to panel address 4 I receive the following error message: "Access denied: Unkown format". 
All the proximity cards are registered in integra32 software and they can unlock another doors.
I notice the proximity card readers on panel 4 has the signaling LED in red (The working proximity card readers on the others Panels have the  signaling LED in green)
Also I can send  commands to Panel 4 and  work. for example: unlock door
Please any ides?

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Without knowing the particulars of that system I am thinking that you have not set the card format for that panel.  If it was used in another facility then you will need to probably reset the panel to clear out the old programming. Then somewhere in your software, it will ask you for a card format or script. You need to tell it what format it is. For instance, it could be a standard 26-bit format. Look at the programming on the panel level. look at what that format is set to on the ones that work.

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