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App Notification Issues

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Morning All

I have just had a HIK Vision 3 camera set up installed at home due to a bad break in. Cameras seem to work great and viewing them live on an app is good. 

The installer put Pro Control+ app on my phone (Android) but it wouldn't give me the option to turn on notifications. I downloaded the HIK Connect App and have registered the device with HIK Vision on their site. I have notifications turned on in the app but it simply doesn't work. I was trying to use line crossing and when that didn't work, I just tried simple motion detection. That doesn't provide notifications either. It doesn't record these events in the app or notify me.

I guess there is a box somewhere that I haven't ticked. I tried my installer but he doesn't seem very interested in helping further

I am not massively technical and CCTV systems are new to me, so treat me as stupid : )

I would appreciate any help

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