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hi all 

looking for ideas or solutions 

i have  4 vista vips 35ds ptzs  but i have hit problems powering them  its a home installation on my remote farm  i am using for a psu a 25A 24v AC  transformer  which i thought would power these fine  but the problem i have is that it doesn't lol when i connect them to the supply individually they all work perfect  connect them all to the supply and the video drops and they become totally unstable  just using a cheap 16 ch dvr for recording and ptz functions  other cams work fine  when on this transformer  

the vips cameras work fine  when connected individually to the dvr with seperate 24v psu units from the little ptzs  but these little  psus (2A) cant supply enough power at night when the huge infra reds come on (awsom can light up a tractor in the field 200yds away )

any ideas anyone why they dont work when connected to the common supply  ( they power up through the tests fine and sit with the infr reds on but no useable pics each cam has between 24.4 and 24 .6 v at the camera all cam leads are connected blue to blue and white to white at the transformer ) 

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