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His Lordship

iVMS vs Browser Live View

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I have a Hikvision DS-7116HGHI-E1 DVR which works perfectly.

For live view in my office (which is 30 to 40 meters away) I watch on a PC using a web browser.

All cameras stream fine using sub-stream resolution.


But I like the functionality of the iVMS software and being able to have one camera larger in the middle with smaller panes around it.

The problem I have then is that (using the same computer) the software is terribly sluggish with lots of jittery video, like a bad 90s stop motion music video!

All cameras set to the same sub-stream resolution.


I can watch cameras fine on iVMS4500 on phone or iPad and the cameras run smoothly (using Fluent resolution, which is the same as sub-stream).


Anyone have suggestions on how to resolve this?

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