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CCTV CAMERA PTZ Auto Tracking some questions about Presets

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Hello Guys,

I have some questions about this camera:


Someone here who own this camera or nearly a same product.

I really like this camera. But i want so set some Presets. But i don´t know which is the right one. 

Left of my Building are Flags. So i want to Set the Preset "110" to set the left limit. But the camera still going with auto tracking over the limit

But it doesnt work. 

And i want to know how can i use more the zoom, the autotracking function only use 15x Zoom of my 30x Zoom camera

Can i change this? whit any presets

Thank you for EVERY small help :)

Best regards hansfisch :)



Here are my Preset-List from my Seller:


1-90 1-90 preset set corresponding set, which also corresponds to a scene tracking 88/89/90 The scene position 1/2/3 
Call 1-90 call 1-90 preset corresponding
Set 151-254 151-254 set the corresponding preset position Call 151-254 calls and set preset number 151-254 Set the dome address setting 91 Call 91 During operation the communication protocol is automatically switched to the failure to allow 92 during setting operation is automatically switched to the communication protocol does not allow the failure (default) Call 92 Clear communication setting (enable hard and automatic configuration protocol)
Set 93 Clear 1-90 and 151-254 preset position Call 93
Restore factory settings, the following information is not Restore factory settings: the language, the TV standard, the position of the screen; the temperature of the fan; fan interlocking switch infrared light; password; communication settings; magnification camera settings;
Call 94 PTZ self-test again Set 95 to open or close the dome menu Call 95 Open or close the dome menu Set 96 closed track 97 to set the low tracking sensitivity Call 97 1 start tracking the scene (corresponding to preset 88) 98 is provided to the tracking sensitivity Call 98 Scene 2 start tracking (corresponding to preset 89) Set 99 set high tracking sensitivity Call 99 3 starts tracking the scene (corresponding to preset 90) Tracking variator lens 100 is provided to close When a call 100 starts the cruise track fixed preset i.e. 1-16 Set 101 to open the lens zoom tracking Open far infrared lamp 101 calls 101 the call, set the lens reaches the currently open multiple COSCO infrared lamp 102 call 102 calls a multiple lens, multiple lenses arranged in multiples reaches the current lens Set 103 IR-CUT infrared mode is disabled Call 103 IR-CUT IR mode feature is turned on
Set 104
Set camera lens ZOOM corresponding to multiples of the current position, can be set up to 44 times. That camera lens is moved to set 104+ + 1 times set bit 1 + ... + a camera lens is moved to set the bit 44 times + 44+ 104 disposed ends.
Clear call set 104 ZOOM camera lens position corresponding to the multiple of the current
Set 105 Set 106 dome cameras initialization function when the power shut down Call 106 dome cameras initialization function on power open Set auto flip 107 closed Call 107 automatically flip enable
Close 108 provided with the camera head speed multiple interlocking function 108 PTZ camera speed call with multiple linkage is on (i.e., head velocity by a multiple lens effect fold A large number of slow speed PTZ) Set 109 off the camcorder menu Call 109 to open the camera menu
The fifth generation of high-speed ball repertoire V2.4
Setting 110 sets the current position as a horizontal scan left limit stop Call 110 disposed around the scanning speed limit (preset call number 110 + preset position N, N being 1-XX (substituting Table speed grade) default 10 degrees per second) Set 111 is provided as a right limit position of the current horizontal scan limit stop 112 is provided around the stopper save scanned, and the current position as the left and right limit The scan start position (horizontal head vertical position) About 112 calls start scanning limit
Set 113 Call 113 calls 113 open away preset backlight brightness trimming function, through iris +, iris- adjusted away lamp Brightness, tone 113 closed again fine-tuning presets
Set 114 Call 114 calls 114 near the preset opening trim function lamp brightness by iris +, iris- adjusted near the lamp Brightness, tone trim off again preset function 114
115 Set cruise speed setting (setting number 115 + preset settings preset N, N being 1XX (on behalf of the speed grade)) 
Cruising 1 Cruising start call 115 (corresponding to the preset number 1-16)
116 is provided between the set cruise travel preset time (set 116 disposed preset + Preset counter N, N being 1-250 (N represents time sec)) 
Cruise 116 call start cruise 2 (corresponding to the preset number 17-32)
Tracking speed setting 117 to set the horizontal (i.e., disposed 117 provided X + preset number Preset End position, wherein X is 1-100, expressed as a percentage of the maximum speed dome) call 117 starts the cruise cruise 3 (corresponding to the preset number 33-48)
Set 118 is provided down the tracking speed (i.e., the setting number 118 set X + preset number Preset End position, wherein X is 1-100, expressed as a percentage of the maximum speed dome) call 118 starts the cruise cruising 4 (corresponding to the preset number 49-64) Set 119 5 119 cruise calls start cruising (corresponding to the preset position No. 65-80)
Set 120 is provided to automatically scan speed (set number + 120 disposed preset position Preset N, N is 1-XX (speed rating represents N)) default 10 degrees per second) 
Start clockwise call 120 automatically scan
Setting the camera 121 is disposed NTSC output AHD (The first) Call 121 starts counterclockwise automatically scan Setting the camera 122 is provided AHD AHD output (The first) Call 122 round trip starts automatically scan Setting the camera 123 is provided AHD CVBS output (The first) Call 123 Set 124 is provided to close idle operation 124 Call 124 124 calls start free movement
Setting the idle operation start time setting 125 (125 is provided pre-set preset + Point N, N being 1-250 (N represents time sec)) 
125 the idle setting operation call (call number 125 + preset position Preset number (pre-corresponding instructions in the table Point number must be set to the default preset 1 corresponding functional))
126 Set power setting operation (setting number 126 + preset table corresponding instructions provided The preset number (preset number must correspond to functional)) 
Call 126 126 clears the power to call action
Set 127
Protocol type camera settings (set number + 127 disposed preset preset 1-7, wherein the corresponding preset 1-7 SANSUNG / SONY / LG / HITACHI / LGE / SANYO / CNB)
Call 127 current settings of the camera lens plus multiples of 1
Set 128 is provided fan-start temperature (+ preset settings 127 pre-set number 1-80 Set, corresponding to 1-80 1-80 degrees) 
The camera lens 128 is provided to call the current multiple minus 1
Close linkage infrared lamp 129 is provided with the function of the fan Call 129 infrared light with fan interaction feature that is infrared light open open open fan
Set 130 Call 1 130 start scanning pattern
Set 131 is provided vertically PTZ speed (i.e., the setting number 131 set X + preset number Preset End position, where X is 1-100, expressed as a percentage of the maximum speed dome) call 131 to start Pattern 2
Set pan speed level setting 132 (i.e., disposed 132 provided X + preset number Preset End position, wherein X is 1-100, expressed as a percentage of the maximum speed dome) call 132 starts scanning pattern 3
Set 133
An infrared lamp brightness near the camera lens with multiple relationships (i.e., settings set 133 of the first preset + 1 + ... X preset number of end 20 disposed preset number X + preset settings 133, wherein X is 100, a total of 11 level 19: 0,10-19: 1 ... 90-99: 9,100: 10)
Start calling 133 Pattern 4
Set 134
设置红外中灯亮度跟摄像机镜头倍数关系 (即设置134 号预置位+设置 第1个预置位号X…+设置第20个预置位号 X+设置134号预置位结束,其 中X为1-100,共11个级别19:0,10-19:1…90-99:9,100:10)
调用134 设置花样扫描1 (调用预置点134开始记录花样扫描,用户根据需要移 动云台和镜头,再次调用预置点134球机自动保存退出)
设置红外远灯亮度跟摄像机镜头倍数关系 (即设置135 号预置位+设置 第1个预置位号X…+设置第20个预置位号 X+设置135号预置位结束,其 中X为1-100,共11个级别19:0,10-19:1…90-99:9,100:10)
调用135 设置视频输出为PAL制
设置所有红外灯的最大亮度 (即设置136号预置位+设 置50-100号预置 位,其中50-100对应亮度为最大亮度 50%-100%)从B361开始版本改为 20-100%
调用136 设置视频输出为NTSC制
设置光明电阻的检测门限 (即设置137号预置位+设置 36-100号预置位 ,其中36-100对应最暗的36-100%)值 越低越容易切换到红外模式 调用137
设置138 打开报警功能 调用138 关闭报警功能 设置139 打开报警输出 调用139 关闭报警输出 设置140 调试命令 调用140 恢复所有配置到默认值同时重启球机 设置141 调试命令 调用141 设置球机的上下范围为180度(不支持) 设置142 调试命令(开启屏显打印信息) 调用142 设置球机的上下范围为90度(不支持)
设置143 设置摄像机镜头当前的ZOOM位置为云台速度变慢2倍对 应的镜头位置 
调用143 设置显示的语言为英文
设置144 设置摄像机镜头当前的ZOOM位置为云台速度变慢4倍对 应的镜头位置 
调用144 设置显示的语言为中文
设置145 设置摄像机镜头当前的ZOOM位置为云台速度变慢8倍对 应的镜头位置 
调用145 设置球机语言(即调用145号预置位+调用预置位号X结束设置,其中X为 1-4 respectively multi-language, English, Chinese and Portuguese)
Set 146 tracking turned off 146 call tracking feature is turned on Set 147 to display company information Call 147 Reset menu password is six zeros '000000' and the password is disabled 148 chip set update character font Call 148 148 calls factory preset test start calling again to exit the factory test
Infrared light 149 is provided a control mode is switched to the automatic mode by the external light that is invoked automatically controlled normally off infrared light 149
Infrared lamp 150 disposed normally open Infrared light 150 call timing control mode, i.e., the timing of opening and closing, the time set by the 64 + 58 Set, the default is 18: 00-6: 00 open
Call 64 + 58
An infrared lamp timer, call 64 + 58 + N + N, where N is 1-24 points, such as 20 is provided to open to 9:00 infrared lamp, call 64 + 9 + 58 + 20 or 18 to restore the default configuration: 00- 6:00, 64 + 58 + 25 call.
Model naming rules:
4 modes: Infrared lamp NO: Infrared lamp 150 disposed normally-off: 149 infrared light automatically call mode: infrared lamp 149 disposed timer mode: Call 150
AD62xx Upper and lower horizontal synchronous motors (low band OSD) AD63xx Level stepping down of the synchronous motor (belt speed OSD) AD64xx Are below the level of the stepping motor (high speed tape OSD) AD65xx Level step, vertical synchronization (without speed OSD) AD66xx Upper and lower horizontal synchronous motors (low speed without OSD)
AD67xx It is below the level of the stepping motor (high speed without OSD)




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