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Viewing remotely with NVR being distant

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Dear All, 

Recently we have installed 55 IP cameras Hikvision.  We have two NVRs installed in office room and have two TVs to view it works fine. 

We have taken the routing to the security room which is 300 meters away.  We have installed two TV and one desktop. The solution recommended was to use mozzila and ivms clent and drag to other screen working like multi display.  The issue we face is when ever we face a powercut the Mozilla based view needs a login and manual pick of camera's. 

We have other issues like lag if we increase cameras in the both ivms and mozilla.  There is no solution is what the installation person talks.  Before engagement of contract he said he will do it but now he is just evading. 

Again we discussed on with them. They can back and said we can install OFM cable may be distance is lag but still the solution will be ivms and mozilla based for two NVR views. 

Any experts help or view will help our situations as we lost confidence on vendor


Kindly respond thank you. 

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