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Newbie with loads of questions

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Good day

A newbie here wanting some advice, looking at 4 camera set up with the option of adding others if needs be. I have had a browse of the site and I am impressed with the knowledge on the site so I am hoping you can help

UK based. I have a semi detached house, looking at 1 on the back, 2 for the side, 1 on the front for the car

I am looking for a recommendation of a system with the following;

1. Motion detection and upload to Dropbox/etc of these moments ( I am sure I seen this somewhere)

2. Able to monitor over internet

3. Decent quality cameras, reliable and a system that has ongoing app support

I look forward to your recommendations

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1 hour ago, datanetIT Security said:

So everyone is new at some point! You have to start somewhere. datanet IT blog has a lot of articles about security cameras including a comparison of wired and wireless cameras. Feel free to poke around the site and find the content that is most relevant to you. 

More spam ..... with more crap on your website.........We are an industry leader when it comes to video. 

That sounds like crap

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Depends on how much you want to spend. I am not familiar with using Dropbox but most cheap DVR's these days support all the motion detection, phone app support, internet/remote monitoring support, etc. I started off by just getting one of those fairly cheap DVR's on Ebay (just type something like "4 channel DVR" in the search, sort by price->lowest to highest, then look at DVRs around the $30-$40 range). Then you can get some standard 12v cameras which cost about $10-$15 a piece and get the appropriate length of cable you want, hard drive size, etc. This is what I did and am still very happy with my cameras after several years of constant use.

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