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access to the register of license plates anpr

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Is it possible to add and delete registration numbers to the list in camera using some API from my application level?
I need to open the road barrier after identifying the registration number but there must be a more eleastic access to database management than xls import. I know that there are solutions in which the camera sends a photo with recognized number to the server, there the photo is processed and then some system manages and decides but it's to complicated.
The minimum I need is at least that the camera would return the recognized number to me in the form of a data frame string , not a photo?
I would prefer to have ongoing access to the white list in the camera.
I have doc with API from 2016(or some think like this) and there:
8.17.2 / ISAPI / Traffic / plateList command returns me 
<statusCode> 4 </ statusCode>
<statusString> Invalid Operation </ statusString>

the question about info returns me the data of the camera.
I use the DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS / P camera for testing

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