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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Some time ago, I wrote this question and I've been kindly recommended the Qvis Viper PTZVIP-4-4MP-25X-V3 by @tomcctv. DTS Digital CCTV will supply it, however, they're recommending I purchase the Qvis Viper NVR (VIPER-NVR-4K2-4BB). My current setup is a Hanwha XNV-8081Z with a QNAP running QVR Elite. I have a number of issues that I understand will be resolved because most of the "smart" functionality is processed at the camera as opposed to the NVR doing the work. I understand the Viper is a re-branded TVT and I believe this particular camera is this one. QVR Elite supports ONVIF and some TVT cameras, however this particular model is not on QNAP's hardware compatibility list. I plan to hook it up to Home Assistant to provide Ring doorbell-esq functionality. Home Assistant has an existing add-on that supports cameras via ONVIF. Is the additional Viper NVR a legitimate requirement? I guess I can try without and buy it later. What additional functionality does this NVR give, or why would it be recommended? My current system records constantly and stores about 7 days on 1 stream. What size HDD would be required to retain this period? What functionality is lost between native Viper/TVT APIs and ONVIF. Does Qvis/Viper/TVT publish comprehensive publicly available RESTful APIs that I can utilise to write a Home Assistant add-on? Does Qvis/Viper/TVT regualry send out firmware updates? I notice this camera has been on the market for some time. Is a replacement due? Sorry for the long post, but my current Hanwha is very dumb, alerting on pixel change. No tracking or scanning. I was in a rush, didn't do my research thoroughly and got my pants pulled down by the supplier, so I can't afford to make the same mistake again. I'd be tremendously grateful for any further help and advise. Thank you in advance. W.
  2. HelloIs it possible to add and delete registration numbers to the list in camera using some API from my application level?I need to open the road barrier after identifying the registration number but there must be a more eleastic access to database management than xls import. I know that there are solutions in which the camera sends a photo with recognized number to the server, there the photo is processed and then some system manages and decides but it's to complicated.The minimum I need is at least that the camera would return the recognized number to me in the form of a data frame string , not a photo?I would prefer to have ongoing access to the white list in the camera.I have doc with API from 2016(or some think like this) and there:8.17.2 / ISAPI / Traffic / plateList command returns me <statusCode> 4 </ statusCode><statusString> Invalid Operation </ statusString>the question about info returns me the data of the camera.I use the DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS / P camera for testing