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HikVision HiWatch Series DVR connection problems

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I've recently purchased a HiWatch Servies HikVision Turbo HD DVR  8 channels and 6 Govision dome cameras.

I have set up the DVR inside and tested that the cameras work. I have also installed the supplied software and can view the cameras through my laptop on the same LAN using the software.

I am unable to view the cameras through the Guarding Vision app. When the DVR is plugged into a monitor and on the settings menu i can select the Guarding Vision option but it always says that it is offline. the DVR is connected the router by an ethernet cable. 

I have done some reading and other than getting confused i think i need to enter the default gateway on the general settings screen. I can't enter this as the box is greyed out and also cant select the 'enable DHCP' box either as this is also greyed out. 

My ISP is Virgin media - don't know if this makes a difference. I cant get a picture to attach due to size

i want to get the cameras working on the app before installing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as i have no clue!


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Did you resolve your problem? It looks to me like your NVR isn't even on the network - can you reach that IP address through a web browser, or ping it?

I can't think why DHCP would be greyed out, unless perhaps the cable isn't plugged in? You did plug it into the right port on the NVR, didn't you?

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