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After a bit of research, we're looking for some advice on upgrading our system from the stone age.
In place, we have a PC based analog Geovision GV-1480 (16 channel) coaxial/Siamese. 
The system is in free-standing building coin-laundry/tanning (single space) with onsite parking.
    Now onto the questions..

Would 8mp for the entire system make the most sense or just the point of sale and change machines(to identify bill denomination) parking lot (tag ID)? 
15 FPS from online comparison seems to be plenty or us 30 FPS worth the extra coin?
What is the best software (single purchase over ongoing license fee) that is simple yet powerful or buy a package system LOREX for example?

Go with DVR over NVR to use some of the current cameras for low-density needs for example utility rooms?
With DVR is one able to achieve the same standard as IP?
If IP clarity is worth swapping out the current coaxial go with an integrated POE NVR(would think is easier to replace an external POE switch that replaces an integrated POE power supply)?


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1. you can use your existing cables, so choose DVR with coax cameras

2. don't really need 8mp system for a laundry place

3. need 30fps, you don't want to miss any crime moment since there's many traffic in laundry

4. IP system video quality is better than HD analog system

5. HDView has hybrid system, which has coax and ip together, see below, so the idea is you mount all coax cameras in laundry, and you can also mount ip cameras outside anywhere, and merge all the video to record in the same DVR/NVR



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