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  1. HDView

    question about sending product web link

    ok, we will not post any amazon products links anymore. only answer tech questions. thanks.
  2. HDView

    24 Channel Hybrid DVR NVR

    HDView 24CH Smart Analytics Security DVR/NVR Up to 5 Megapixel: 16 Channel (TVI/AHD/CVI/960H) Cameras and 8 Channel ONVIF IP Cameras, Surge Protection Control Over Coax, Audio, Spot Output https://www.amazon.com/HDView-Business-20CH-Security-1080P/dp/B015RY0EW2/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=security+dvr 16 Channel DVR (HD-TVI / AHD / 960H), Please switch to the right mode for your camera. Recording up to 5MP Lite Resolution 8 Channel IP NVR (Support ONVIF Version 2.4 and Profile S IP Cameras), Compatible with HDView IP Cameras, Recording up to 5MP Resolution Support 5MP 4MP 3MP 2MP TVI, CVI, AHD and 960H cameras, Support Up to 5MP IP cameras H.265 Compression, Save 60% of hard drive space, 1CH Audio, 2 Way, 1 HDD Slot. No Hard Drive Installed, No POE ports to power up IP cameras (you need external poe switch or 12V DC for IP cameras) Search B00MVI9KM8 in Amazon for the IP Camera perfect fits this recorder. This camera gives you intelligent search, H.265 recording, best motion recording, and best video quality.
  3. hi, board admin, we are professional surveillance technicians, we love to help surveillance related questions, however, for some question, we may need refer web links, especially some products links, is it violation for the forum rule? we don't see this anywhere. please let us know. thank you.
  4. HDView


    1. You can have a license plate camera, but need make sure your mounting location, not too far and too high, and make sure car speed should be lower than 30 miles. 2. For just show people's face, you just need a high resolution camera, but for face detection or face recognition function, then you need good NVR.
  5. HDView

    Dahua VTO2000A and VTH2201

    make sure the VTO and VTH is syncing, you'll be able to tell by checking the right hand side top corner, the imge of a VTO with out/with an X mark will tell you if is not connected, if is not connected most likely the password needs to be added with in the VTO portion of the VTH
  6. HDView

    "Termination" feature on DVR?

    or call BLC (back light compensation) in some cases
  7. HDView

    "Termination" feature on DVR?

    it looks like WDR feature (wide dynamic range)
  8. HDView

    Distortion on certain cameras

    your camera doesn't have 3D DNR (noise deduction) function, that's why it has those many black dots when the ir is on. another possibility is you are using low quality cable (non solid copper) or bad video balun with cat5e cable.
  9. it's there's gap on the playback, means dvr didn't record anything, so you can't retrieve that part of video from the dvr.
  10. 1. i never recommend you push 2 major competitors system to work together. over these years, i have been so many conflict when dahua work with hikvision. 2. the green bar is for 24/7 recording, it shouldn't have black out, so my question is this is for just 1 camera, right? if so, please check if this camera is on and off frequently.
  11. HDView

    HIKVISION POE and WIFI camera system

    yes you can! and you also can install wireless bridge to convert wired ip camera to be wireless camera. https://www.amazon.com/HDView-Wireless-Anti-Interference-Outdoor-Weatherproof/dp/B07GRBT8RV/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=wireless+bridge be aware, please use the same brand camera and NVR, otherwise it may have compatibility issues.
  12. HDView

    System upgrade advice

    1. you can use your existing cables, so choose DVR with coax cameras 2. don't really need 8mp system for a laundry place 3. need 30fps, you don't want to miss any crime moment since there's many traffic in laundry 4. IP system video quality is better than HD analog system 5. HDView has hybrid system, which has coax and ip together, see below, so the idea is you mount all coax cameras in laundry, and you can also mount ip cameras outside anywhere, and merge all the video to record in the same DVR/NVR https://www.amazon.com/HDView-Business-20CH-Security-DVR/dp/B00Y7OSOJ4/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=security+dvr
  13. HDView

    HIKVISON dvr

    try to power off, then power on try to hold the camera osd menu to different direction for 2 seconds (it changes video mode to tvt/ahd/cvi/90h)
  14. HDView

    Need help

    yes, all those cameras are supported by this NVR. you can buy any brand Poe switch for those cameras, there's no restrictions for this part. for setup, it's plug and play, you can active the cameras with the NVR menu. (both camera and nvr needs to be active with new password when it's first time use)