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Help Power Supply issue

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I am a complete n00b when it comes to this. I believe I have isolated the problem to be a power supply issue. None of my cameras IR are turning on. Cameras worked fine and then randomly turned off. System has ran fine for years. All cameras are off and I have a red question mark on my DVR. DVR HDD has been tested and works.

I am assuming there is either a loose connection somehow or a power supply issue. I have a separate power supply box - the LED on the cover is flashing red and if I open the cover the lights flash green. 

I have not tested the fuses. I am assuming the next step is to do that and then remove each camera one by one from the supply. 


Any help or advice is appreciated! 

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If all of your cameras have dropped off do not look like they’re getting power I would indeed look at the power supply being the cause. It may be worth testing one of the cameras with a different psu. If it works you’ll have your answer.

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