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4G sim card network body camera wireless video transmission

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lived in  shenzhen body camera industry from 2015

introduce something:

CCTV camera/body camera and 2g/3g/4g body camera

CCTV fixed camera used cable or network transmission video

body camera, normal digital recorder, have higher clear picture with 1296P/1440P, GPS. WIFI CONTROL

when it used MTK/ambrealla, novetech chipest etc.

4g body camera have 3 solutions too qual, mtk, ambrella, in hardware. have differient OS for it 

andorid, linux, system name like milestone, samrteye, realptt, CMASV6

in accessories like clips not compitable in these factories have diffirence in GOPRO and Klickfast.

but system can be compitable easy.


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