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Axis P3225-LV & Axis P3367-V Housings

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Hi all, I have a quick question for those that might have had a lot of experience with the Axis P3225-LV.  I have a couple of P3367-Vs that I currently have installed indoors.  In the past I've been able to use the P3367 and put it in a P3367-VE housing and attach the heater/blower unit to it and use it fine outdoors with no problem.  I have one P3225-LV and one P3325-LVE.  The P3225-LV is currently installed indoors and am doing some new work outside and was wanting to move it outside.  The P3325-LVE has no fan/heater that I can see attached to it externally.  Does the environmentally rated unit of the P3325 have a blower/fan because I am unable to see one externally.  The housings on the P3225-LVE and P3225-LV are also very identical and both has rubber gaskets looking like it has a watertight seal.

If I were to move the P3225-LV to a covered outdoor area where it would not be exposed to snow, rain, etc. do you think it would still be fine?  


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