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I’m having an issue with my Q-See QC8916 NVR hoping someone can help with.  I’ve always had an issue where the NVR won’t overwrite older recordings when the drive is full, even though that option is set.  Support wasn’t able to help either, so i’ve always wiped the recordings when I noticed it was full - done this many times.

This time, after doing that my NVR is freezing on boot up.  I get the System Initializing screen as normal, but then it goes to a black screen with a green frame around the edge with the number 8 in the lower right corner.  That’s when I first realized something wasn’t right because it would normally show the camera feed here.  As soon as I try to login, the recorder freezes and i’m not even able to move the mouse.

I’ve spent a few hours talking to support but that was pretty much a huge waste of time.  Spoke with 3 reps and no one had any ideas.

Anyone ever encounter this before?  I’m even willing to do a factory reset if I can find out how without being able to login.  QSee support said they only know how to do it through the system settings.  I’m wondering if there’s someway to do so without that since I can’t access the settings.

Hoping to get just a little more use out of this system while I save up for a POE switch and a computer to run BI.

Thanks in advance!

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