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Anyone else dealing with junky ExcaqVision software?

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Guys, I'm curious if anyone else is dealing with this. We're a small self-storage company. We purchased a stand-alone (local) server from ExacqVision several years back. It basically has a display (DVR) box that displays all cameras in our office, and we have an iPad software from them that we can use to view the cameras remotely. The iPad app was a work horse for me, as I use it to see what's going on while I'm not in the office.

Unfortunately though, the app has been so buggy, that I had a hard time using it. But it still "kinda" limped along and worked after needing to be restarted several times.

Today though they issued an update that totally broke it. This is what I'm getting now:





I'm curious, does anyone else who also uses Exacq system have this happen, and do you know of any fix?


PS. Unfortunately I can't contact their tech support. Since about last year, their system started showing pop-ups telling us that our support has expired. When we contacted them, it turns out that they want $600 per year more (aside from thousands of dollars that we already paid for this local standalone system.) So we obviously said no to that racket. So, yeah, that's the kinda rip-off that company is. (Sorry, for venting. I'm just very frustrated to have lost "eyes" on our property. Something that we paid Exacq specifically for.)

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Exacq is like most commercial NVR solutions that require a software support fee.

Having said that, the ipad client interfaces to the server via the web interface.   If you open safari on your ipad and go to the IP address of your NVR server (if you don't know it, it should be in the exacq app config).  You should see a web page with two choices,   Choose the Exacq Mobile Client and you will find it works just like the dedicated ipad app.    Since it pulls everything from your server in this case, you won't have the problem with version mismatch that is happening with the official client, so it should work fine even tho you are on an older version.   The other choice (thin client) works well on desktop browsers if you have a need for that from remote.

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