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Looking for advice on mew DVR / NVR PC and Capture Card

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Hello. I have come older Coax cameras (4) to be exact but have 4 more not installed. Currently running really OLD Digicam Card and Software. I am looking for a good PCIe capture card that will let me keep my existing Cameras.

I want to Run windows 10 64 bit, I have Blue Iris 4 software , and I have 4 newer Jennov T series IP cameras that I want to also have running.

I do not have a large budget for a card so this is why I am here....

I have several PC's to choose from: From core i3 to core i7 All running windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

I was hoping to use one of the smaller core i3 PC's to save on space (SSF IBM system) But that would limit me to a short height card, or Hodgepodge some kind of adapter to set the card sideways.

So anyone have advice?? 

Thank You much Have a great day :)

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