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Hikvision cameras on I phone

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I am having a issue with my Hikvision  system. I have a Hikvision NVR and thirteen Hikvision cameras hooked up and all working great. When I am at home I can use my I phone to view remotely through the wifi with out a problem. The issue I have is when I go away from the house I can't see anything the cameras time out. I have installed all the proper port forwarding numbers to access them remotely but still when using iVMS-4500 other then in the house off the wifi it doesn't work. Before I was using EZ camera view before and had no issues with that but something changed and I lost all of it. I know there is something blocking it but not sure what. I have put the four numbers in my ISP as well as my router. I read something about scanning something on my NVR which I have seen a bar code for this so was wondering is this something I need to do or is there something I am missing to view my cameras outside of my place away from the wifi 

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