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Hikvision iVMS4200

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Any forum members using this app?

I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 on my pc and this made it necessary for me to download and re-install iVMS4200.

Since doing this I am having problems all of the time.  I downloaded it OK and managed to open it up and it works OK but, it tends to close down again when I am not using it for a while and, when I try to open it up again I run into problems.  I have the app's icon on my desktop and also one on the taskbar.  When I click on the one on the taskbar it tell me that 'The client is already running', I then try by clicking the main icon on the desktop and get the same response.

Does anyone know how I can overcome this problem and how I can get it to stop closing down without me telling it to?

Unfortunately I can't remember what version I was using before I did the Windows 10 re-install, otherwise I would go back to using that one.  Having said that, although the new version is totally different, it does look much better and, when I can getter a better grip of it I'm sure that I will prefer it.

Many thanks for any help that may be offered.

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