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Lorex NVR system share existing CAT6 line?

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Tried calling Lorex tech support but could not get a straight answer. We have two buildings (house and external garage) that I want to install a Lorex NVR 6 camera system in. Will put the main box in the house and 3 cameras on the external garage and 3 on the house. After reading on here I know it needs to be a wired system. There is one conduit pipe between the buildings which has one CAT 6 among other cables. The CAT 6 currently is being used for internet and there is a router in the external garage. Conduit is stuffed and cannot add more cables. Can the Lorex system share the existing CAT 6 cable and route the signals from the three cameras back to the main box in the house while keeping the CAT 6 for internet too? I know very little about these systems. If each camera is treated as a unique ip addressable device then I would think it would work.

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