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Hikvision bitrate drops during night

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I have several DS-2CD2332-I cameras mounted and set for VBR, 4096kbit/s bandwidth. They are recorded continuously with a VMS and each minute of video is a little less than 30 megabytes, regardless time of day.

I also have one DS-2CD2335-I mounted in a similar environment and with the same settings as much as I can, as there are slight differences between the two. This one generates a little less than 25 megabytes/minute of video during the daytime, but then DROPS to about half that during night and returns to 25 MB/min during daytime.

At first this sort of makes sense because night images are not in color, but the information I could find about this behavior  (not Hikvision specific) says bandwidth typically INCREASES at night with higher levels of noise. But, then the 2332 cameras do not do this. Is this simply a difference in the h264 codec between each model? The night image looks ok, and it actually would be nice if all cameras did this to save on storage space.


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