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Help identifying a camera

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Been following for over 6 years but first time posting a question. So thanks

I'll get to the point and fill out an intro later

Trying to find information on the make/model of this specific camera or one that is similar?  The camera is mounted facing upward towards a mirror that resembles a Saarinen table - Tulip base. Software unwraps the image for viewing.

For a specific application I think it would be ideal that is if they work and are of any quality. The dewarping software and support are a concern if no longer being supported or not compatible. Finally found this style of camera again but it's on eBay (sorry it's the only one I can find) 565660266_360cameraeBay1.thumb.jpg.deab3f97804a74e3914b427b777ad288.jpglisting doesn't give any useful information. The Mfg. they claim is Louroe but it appears their products are for gunshot detection and sound monitoring. The camera that is mounted inside they say is a model LE277C. Searching gives no results. 

Any information or direction would be much appreciated






eBay 2.jpg

eBay 2.jpg

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