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Card Access Control System

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Hi All,

I am the CEO of a small I.T company. It was started 1 year ago. Now we have hired some employees. As you all know, we may have many files to handle. As the number of employees increases, we need to strengthen the security system. Especially the protection of confidential files and documents and also the prevention of unauthorized access.

I am planning to install an access control system in our office. I am confused that which access control system is good for companies like me. When I searched online, I came to know about the card access system. What do you guys think about it? Is it good? Please share your opinions.


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if your company is not big ,you can install some keypads to allow some people to go into rooms by authorizing access cards or codes . we are one manufacturer specializing in access industry for 18 years .we have good products to you .I recommend our this touch screen keypad to you .You can check this link and learn more  https://www.sebury.com/index.php/products_v_107_475.html

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