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Changing Over from Old PC Card Analog System to IP based.

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Some years ago I used two different AverMedia cards to record wildlife-related videos.  I've been thinking recently about getting some sort of IP-based system, but I have never been motivated to go ahead.  At least not until yesterday, when my wife asked me. "Whose truck is that leaving our pasture and going out the driveway?"  That motivated me to get serious.  Until that incident I had assumed that I would use some sort of stand-alone wired system independent of my computer, but now I think I may need something that could handle some wireless I.P. cameras in addition to wired ones.  In the past I have seen some stand-alone systems at pretty low cost at places like COSTCO and BestBuy, but I have no feel for how well they would meet my needs.  I think I would prefer something that could handle at least 8 cameras, record if a motion event is detected and would not require a long-term subscription.  I'm an old retired I.T. director, so I can handle basic network issues.  I do not currently have a static IP address, but I think I could get one if necessary.  I know that it would be unreasonable to ask the forum to design a system for me, but I thought maybe someone could point me in the right direction to help me get up to speed.  I have looked over the Ultimate IP Camera guide and have started watching the IPVM 101 Training Videos.  They have lots of information that I will be studying them in more detail. 

Thanks for any suggestions.


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I would look at a hybrid system  you can still use your existing cameras plus upgrade and add in time. 
avermedia cards and the pc software are no longer supported 

but just by using a hybrid your existing cameras will also give you a better image. Avermedia cards limited your cameras. 

wireless systems are not a good idea and don’t last. A hybrid system will also allow you to use ip cameras ........ you don’t need to get cables to them you just need a power supply at the location and that allows you to send the video down existing power cable

hybrids are cheap now and allows you to use up to 5mp 

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