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qvis eyevip-5-fw poe camera config software

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Hi i have a qvis eyevip-5-fw poe camera it was part of a 3 camera network the nvr has died i bought a diferent nvr the other 2 cameras ( which are a different model ) still work but this one wont link.  When i input the ip address it goes to the logon page but the browser needs a plugin which wont work.  I remember when i got the cameras a few years ago there was a program that allowed to set up camaras but cant remember.

Can anyone please point to a program that will allow me to log into the camera to test and configure it.

Many thanks keith

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or how can i reset the camera to default

Its coming up with an ip of when it is set to local and can not be accessed

thanks k

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Hi. That’s your router giving it the pv4 IP address 169.254.-.-

you need to connect to the camera direct

on your pc but you need to disconnect your pc from the internet and set the network properties to same as ip camera. 

open the network and share program on your pc then click local area connection. 
on pop up window click properties then select internet protocol 


click.......use the following up address

From the ip you have posted you need to enter these settings on your internet protocol page. 

IP address———

subnet mask ———-

default gateway ————


preferred DNS ———-

once this is done enter your iP cameras address into your browser

camera user is admin 

password is 123456


what nvr have you replaced it with ?

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Hi tom where would i find the network & share program ?

I got a cheap emcam 9 ip nvr, i have a poe switch 

the encam see and works with the 2 3mp qvis cameras

It sees the 5mp camera but wont connect

i have no internet at the shop just want to record anything we are shut due to the covid crisis thanks Tom


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On 4/21/2020 at 12:29 PM, tomcctv said:

Hi. This might explain it better. 

http://www.encam.info/downloads/manuals/IP Camera Quick Start Guide BD.pdf

network share is on your pc settings

Hi Tom thanks for your hellp, problem solved when i set up the system i had left the 5mp cameras password to the default & when i got the other 2 a couple of weeks later i changed the passwords so was entering the changed password the camera was set to a different gateway ip all changed and working used ie on my macs windows in compatibility mode to reset the camera thanks again Tom.

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