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Recommendations for computer NVR

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Hi.  Years ago, the wife bought my children some cheap computers on Black Friday.  I had to replace them with something good so they could do school work, etc.  I had these cheap computers in my shop and decided to start playing around.  I bought a couple of GW Security POE cameras and one of their POE switches.  I ran their software and it worked ok for a couple of years.  Now the cheap computer crapped out.  So, I was wanting to up the game.  Get a good computer to fit these cameras.  Maybe add a camera.  I heard that you could get a good deal on a used computer that had an i7 with quicksync.  Get one of those and add a special HDD made for NVR work.  Any ideas where to get these?  Would this be the way to go, or should I put one together from scratch.  I would like to get something that is going to last, but I would like it to be cost effective.

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